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 Biren Patel


PhD, Stony Brook University, 2008
MA, Stony Brook University, 2004 
MA, University of Chicago, 1999 
BA, University of Chicago, 1998 
(631) 444-9642
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     Dr. Patel is a biological anthropologist and functional morphologist. Specifically, he is interested in research uestions that investigate structure-function relationships using comparative and experimental methods in order to better understand primate locomotor biology and evolution. Dr. Patel’s main questions center on better understanding 1) the functional and evolutionary morphology of hands and feet, 2) the functional morphology of subchondral bone in fore- and hind limb joints, and 3) the biomechanics of terrestrial locomotion in non-human primates.   Dr. Patel also has interests in paleontology and is currently involved in fieldwork in northern India. He and his collaborators are trying to better understand primate evolution in the Neogene of South Asia. .