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Functional Morphology and Primate Locomotion Laboratory

The Functional Morphology and Primate Locomotion Laboratory contains the equipment necessary to conduct electromyographic (EMG), kinematic, and kinetic studies. EMG data are captured wirelessly through a telemetry system and synchronized with video recordings of the subject's behavior.  Several force transducers are integrated into a runway that is enclosed by a translucent tunnel and that records substrate reaction forces as animals move over the transducers.  3D kinematic data are captured with multiple digital high-speed cameras and integrated with recordings of forces and muscle activation patterns.  The Division of Laboratory Animal Resources provides adequate facilities for housing and maintenance of experimental animals.  It provides equipment for administration of anesthesia and veterinary care. Surgical suites and radiographic equipment are available in the facilities.  The laboratory houses a small number of primates the number of which varies depending on the research questions being pursued.  A full-time, professional animal trainer works with the animals and manages their welfare. This laboratory has been supported by funding from the National Science Foundation.